Tips to Stop Smoking Cravings Naturally

Millions of people continue to smoke simply because quitting is extremely hard. But there are a number of reasons to quit smoking. So, with Quit It product – stop smoking today!

Quit smoking today to lower your risk of cancer, heart attack, and stroke, and essentially make your breath smell better.

Feel the difference yourself. When you quit smoking just after a week later you would notice that your breathing, energy levels, and sense of smell and taste have become better. Less smoking-related anxiety, lesser is the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Now is time to quit smoking and if you are thinking, “How to Stop Smoking Today? “, start with these tips.


The very first thing you need to drop is the Smoke Cravings. Keep yourself determined to quit smoking as mostly people make attempts to quit and fail because they are not psychologically prepared. Keep yourself motivated to quit smoking by thinking Are you just letting cigarettes control your life? Are cigarettes worth healing the loss of someone? When you are addicted to smoking you find no reason to quit but by identifying the real reasons you hold yourself accountable and can help you stick to the plan.

Reduce Anxiety

One of the basic reason people choose smoking is Stress. People try to fade stress in the smoke puffs, which is worthless. Look for alternate ways to cope with stress as the nicotine pangs are not killing the stress, but you. Practice the actual stress busters like yoga, meditation or counseling to imbibe long-term coping mechanisms. In the feeling of anxiety try 4/7/8 breathing—focus on your breath and breathe in for four counts, hold for seven, and exhale for eight counts. Repeat for a total of 10 breaths. This will help to bring back your normal mood when overwhelmed.

Keep Yourself Engaged

Keeping yourself busy means to keep your hands and mouth engaged in work, just to avoid the smoke cravings. Retain your oral craving by disrupting your smoking habits. Use chewing gums, mints or smoking cessation medications. Sometimes simply drinking water can be useful in breaking this habit. Drinking water itself is a cure to various other health issues as it can keep both food and cigarette cravings at bay.

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