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We have brought for you the most effective way to quit smoking herbally.Quit It is a sublingual herbal product that can efficiently curb all your tobacco cravings. It will not only help you eliminate longings but also the withdrawal symptoms associated with tobacco cessation.

It’s never too late to quit!

How to use

How To Use

Quit It is to be taken sublingually i.e. to be applied under the tongue.

How To Buy

Step 1: Place your order online here, or walk in to our nearest stores.

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You can also call us at 9112713000, 9112613000 for assistance regarding order placement.

Step 2: Share your details and address.

Step 3: Pay online with our flexible Payment Gateway or Cash on Delivery. And sit back!

Your order will be delivered to your doorstep!

Sublingual Dosage:

Quit It should be taken 0.5ml (up to the marked line) in the following manner:

First 3 days 6 times a day (sublingually)
Next 3 days 5 times a day (sublingually)
Next 3 days 4 times a day (sublingually)
Next 3 days 3 times a day (sublingually)
Next 3 days 2 times a day (sublingually)

With the right dosing approach, Quit It will show results in 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the severity and span of addiction.

Cost: Rs. 300 for Quit It (30 ml).

Our Product vs Other Products

Our Product vs Other Products

There are several ways of quitting!

Among other synthetic products in the market, HERBAL Quit It is the best way out. With NO Side Effects and 100% herbal ingredients, Quit It works efficiently against all types of tobacco. It is the best natural smoking cessation supplement .

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Other Popular Solutions & Their Cons

Nicotine Patch

Releases small amounts of Nicotine slowly into the body through skin.

Cons: Can’t effectively adjust the amount of nicotine in case of withdrawal symptoms and sudden cravings.

Nicotine Gum

Absorbed through the lining of your mouth, small amounts of nicotine enter your mouth when you chew these gums.

Cons: Mouth irritation, excess saliva, jaw soreness on repeated use.

Nicotine Lozenge

Tablets that contain 2mg or 4mg of nicotine.

Cons: Nausea, indigestion, heartburn etc.

Nicotine Inhaler

Nicotine vapors are absorbed through the lining of mouth and throat, and are released into the bloodstream when you puff on an inhaler.

Cons: Coughing, mouth and throat a-aaaqirritation etc.

What makes Quit It different?

Quit It is a natural smoking cessation supplement that has 100% herbal ingredients and NO side effects to help you quit easily and naturally.

Detox your lungs. Detox your life.

Reason to Quitit

Reasons To Quit it

  • Your shooting heart rate and blood pressure will return to normal.
  • Carbon monoxide in the blood begins to reduce.
  • Less coughing or wheezing.
  • Improved circulation and less production of phlegm.
  • Substantial improvement in lung functions.
  • Lower risks of cancer, heart diseases, chronic diseases etc.
  • A happier, unworried family.


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