“The Simplest & Fastest Smoking Cessation Product - Quit It”

Quit It is a natural smoking cessation supplement that has 100% herbal ingredients and NO side effects to help you quit easily and naturally. It can curb the urge to smoke and eliminate the withdrawal symptoms associated with tobacco addiction. It works efficiently against all types of tobacco, despite the severity and span of addiction.

Quit It gives you the power to withdraw from tobacco addiction and substantially increases the chances of quitting. It is India’s No. 1 natural smoking cessation supplement with herbal ingredients proven to aid in quitting smoking or chewing tobacco.


How To Use

Quit It is to be taken sublingually i.e. to be applied under the tongue.

Sublingual Dosage:

Quit It  should be taken 0.5ml (up to the marked line) in the following manner:

First 3 days: 6 times a day (sublingually)

Next 3 days: 5 times a day (sublingually)

Next 3 days: 4 times a day (sublingually)

Next 3 days: 3 times a day (sublingually)

Next 3 days: 2 times a day (sublingually)

With the right dosing approach, Quit It will show results in Y to Z weeks, depending on the severity and span of addiction.

Cost: Rs. 400 for Quit It (YZ ml).

How To Buy

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