Natural Supplements to help Quit Smoking

Natural Supplements to help Quit Smoking

Cigarette smoking is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome, so it is only natural that you want to try anything that Stop Smoking Cravings Naturally. Many smokers look to natural remedies to help these groups leave, but not all of them are effective or actually safe so that you can use.

When you are looking for natural alternatives to help you quit smoking, there are a few that you might try. There are no guarantees that they may work, however. Smokers who successfully quit smoking used multiple approaches, including counseling or a support system.

Acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture was both a powerful very safe method to help cigarette smokers quit. It notes that the number of cigarettes per day decreased and the average time to relapse was 38 days. The number of acupuncture sessions made a significant effect on success, with most people acquiring more than five lessons within the first month. It is a common remedy that a lot of people use to help them give up smoking. The acupuncture needles used are usually hair-thin. For help in between sessions, many acupuncturists provide tiny tennis balls that are taped with invisible tape to the ear. When the desire for cigarettes hits, the smoker is instructed to press gently on the ball, which stimulates the acupuncture point.

Studies have shown that some people successfully quit while taking Supplements to Help Quit Smoking.


Ginseng has been marked to prevent the nicotine-induced release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is what makes people feel good after smoking and is part of the carving process.


The next question many people have is whether hypnosis can help. It is a sound like a good alternative to approved and over-the-counter stop-smoking supports, but is it effective?

According to a randomized trial, hypnotherapy is merely slightly more effective than behavioral urge prevention intervention. After 3 days of not smoking, participants were put with the two groups.

In another study, hypnotherapists were compared with common nicotine replacement therapies (NRT). Both were also combined for some of the clinic patients in the analysis. The methods were used and followed after the individuals were discharged from the hospital.

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